The Che Connection

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A lot of people have asked me about when & how the “Che Influence” came to my life and I haven’t been to tell them about this…and specially my dear friend Adit Sharda who has always been persistent with this question but I kept forgetting and the main reason has been “Beer”…he has always asked me this before a BBB Session and I have always got drunk and forgotten to tell him…but this time I have decided to pen down my thoughts once & for all…

The 100K Cycle Ride ||| February 2018

Fitness has always been at the back of my mind since the summer of 2011 when I joined a Gym in Kuwait but never came to the forefront till the summer of 2017. Yes I participated in the Q8 10K Run in November 2013 and also used to walk/jog a lot during the winters in Kuwait; I also had a Cross Trainer and Treadmill at our home there but I was never 100% into the fitness mindset.

The MahaRM Ride ||| January 2018


Attending a BOBMC Rider Mania is an annual pilgrimage for every Royal Enfield motorcyclist and I have failed as a pilgrim since attending my first RM at Ooty in 2009 but it had to change in 2018 as I was going to attend the MahaRM 2018 organized by the biggest and the oldest RE Club of India, Mumbai based Inddie Thumpers at the Bhor Village in Maharashtra, some 75-odd kms from Pune.

Mutton Curry with Coconut

Mutton is by far my favourite meat and now that the weather has cooled down considerably, I am back to the kitchen and trying new recipes. I came up with this original recipe yesterday and cooked it for dinner. I love the flavour and aroma of freshly grated coconut which adds a different sort of crunch to the curries. I was very happy with the end result; the curry was flavourful, spicy and very delicious. The well-cooked mutton pieces added perfectly with all the spices. Do give it a shot.

Vivacious Vienna | The AutGerSui Trip | April 2017

Vienna was the first stop for our April 2017 AutGerSui Trip; I got a great deal on Egypt Air flight tickets so I quickly booked the Kuwait-Cairo-Vienna flights on 1-Aug-2016 and started the rest of the trip planning. I had read a lot about Vienna and its beauty so was looking forward to visit another European capital and explore it. Even though we had limited time allocated for Vienna but as always we planned to utilize our time to the fullest!