The Che Connection

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A lot of people have asked me about when & how the “Che Influence” came to my life and I haven’t been to tell them about this…and specially my dear friend Adit Sharda who has always been persistent with this question but I kept forgetting and the main reason has been “Beer”…he has always asked me this before a BBB Session and I have always got drunk and forgotten to tell him…but this time I have decided to pen down my thoughts once & for all…

Kerala Style Prawn Roast


Prawns are my favourite seafood variety and I keep trying new recipes everytime to enjoy new flavours. This time I got hold of this recipe, also known as Chemmeen Roast, and gave it a shot. It turned out to be quite a flavourful one and was very spicy too. I used Shallots and Coconut Oil to ensure the authenticity of the recipe. You can adjust the spice quotient basis your individual preferences but I suggest to keep the suggested quantities intact! Do give this a shot if you are fan of Dry Curry prawn dishes. We loved it to bits.

Spanish Omelette


Also known as the “Tortilla de Patata”, this Spanish omelette recipe is quite a favourite across the World, even though I haven’t tasted it or had cooked it before! But browsing through some Egg breakfast recipes, came across this and it sounded delicious & easy to make. I added Jalapenos to spice it up though! The preparations took some time but the end result was absolutely worth it! The combination of eggs, cheese, potatoes, jalapenos and pepper added up perfectly resulting in a mighty delicious breakfast dish! We loved it to bits. This would be a regular at our home from now on. Do give it a shot folks.

Mint-Mango-Cream Grilled Chicken


I was looking to make a completely different flavour grilled chicken and started to look for some recipes. Got hold of this wonderful recipe of Ms. Ruchi Airen and decided to give it a shot. The combo was almost impossible to resist for me. The rustic flavours of Mint & Raw Mango combine wonderfully well with the luscious fresh cream in this super recipe to which I made some minor changes. The result is lip-smacking delicious and very different to anything I have tasted before. Do give this a shot folks.

Jama Masjid wala Mutton Korma

I have tried 3 or 4 different Mutton Korma recipes in the past and each version came out delicious but I was missing the authentic Jama Masjid taste which I have enjoyed for so many years but miss it immensely after moving here to Kuwait. Finally I got hold of a seemingly authentic sounding & looking recipe and this time I nailed it! The flavour, aroma and gravy texture were absolutely similar to the types I have enjoyed in the by-lanes of Old Delhi’s famous Gali Kababian. I was so damn elated to have finally got it right! Our son also loved it and lapped the gravy up with Roti and Rice! Do give this version a shot folks and enjoy the authentic magic of Old Delhi!