The Che Connection

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A lot of people have asked me about when & how the “Che Influence” came to my life and I haven’t been to tell them about this…and specially my dear friend Adit Sharda who has always been persistent with this question but I kept forgetting and the main reason has been “Beer”…he has always asked me this before a BBB Session and I have always got drunk and forgotten to tell him…but this time I have decided to pen down my thoughts once & for all…

Hyderabadi Mutton Korma


This time I wanted to cook a different type of Korma and started my search for a recipe; came across this good looking & easy recipe and decided to give it a shot. The end result was fabulous! The Korma was absolutely delightful, adequately spiced and beaming with flavours. The powder mix & Birista made all the difference and yes, my favourite cooking activity – Bhunno! Do give this a shot folks and I am sure you would love this too.

Nepalese Mutton Curry


In my tryst of trying recipes from the subcontinent, this was my 3rd attempt, after giving Sri Lankan and Burmese recipes a shot. And this one was a real good one; spicy, delicious, rich in flavours and quite easy to prepare. Nepalese cuisine is influenced by it’s neighbors: India, Tibet, and China. This curry’s fusion of Indian spices with the Chinese touch of spring onions results in uniquely Nepalese dish. Do give this a shot folks. I am sure you would love it too. And never ignore “Bhunno”!

Murgh DilKhush


I saw this new brand of Chicken Masala here and loved the name so decided to pick it up and make a recipe using it. I wanted to make a Delhi-style Tawa Chicken recipe as they say “Liptaima” and the end result was absolutely like that. It was spicy and delicious with minimal fuss. I am sure this recipe can be made with any regular chicken curry masala of any brand but if you can hold of this Malwa brand then nothing like that. Do give it a shot folks.

Sri Lankan Mutton Curry


This was the third new recipe of the long weekend; went for a Sri Lankan one, apart from the Nepali & Rangoon ones I tried. And this was a winner as well. Perfectly spiced with a superb blend of all the wonderful spices and delectable mellow with the addition of Coconut Cream. After all the Bhunno, the end result was a mighty delicious one. I would definitely be trying this again. Our son also loved it and enjoyed the gravy with rice. Do give this delicious recipe a try!

Rangoon Mutton Curry


Last weekend was a long one (5 days) and I wanted to explore some new mutton recipes. So bought a 3 kgs “Raan” piece and got it divided into 4 portions. This was the first recipe I tried and it came out fabulously. It involved a lot of my favourite cooking activity – “Bhunno” and the end result was a perfect mix of flavours – the sugar made it mellow and the spice mix added a unique flavour. This was the first time our son enjoyed not just the curry but also mutton pieces as they were boneless! I picked up this recipe from the internet and didn’t make any changes to it. Do give it a shot folks.