The BoP Valentine’s Day Ride


Valentine’s Day…This day has become famous & infamous both at the same time…due to various curious reasons…This is the day for Lovers of all kinds…Old & Young, Boy & Girl, Boy & Boy and also Girl & Girl…There is one other relationship which many mere mortals don’t even dare contemplating & exploring…and that’s between a Man & his Machine !!! Now don’t get me wrong…I am not talking about a Dildo or a Vibrator!!! By Machine I mean a Bike!!!

At BoP this feeling of Man-Machine bonding runs quite strongly and we decided to celebrate the V-Day with what else but a Ride & Meet…we also had The Surajkund Mela which is an annual affair at Surajkund in Faridabad and this year it was in its 23rd Edition…it also gave me an excellent opportunity to complete the Mela Trilogy…after The Pushkar Mela & The Sindhu Darshan Mela in Leh I never wanted to miss the trilogy of Mela Bike Rides…

After another bout of Chain Mails, finally 10 Riders confirmed…We also had 3 BOP First-timer Riders…Rohit Saini, Diwakar & Jagmeet Singh Virdee…so the routine venue was decided; DT Mega Mall in Gurgaon and the designated Meeting Time was 9:30 AM.

A night before, we had a small Beer-Bakchodi & Bulls Meet at Vedanta and I reached home at 1:30 AM in the night after the Beer & Paranthas session and I could not wake up to the alarm I had set for 8:30 AM, finally Jagmeet called up at 9:11 AM and I woke up from my deep slumber…I rushed through the daily chores and left my home at 9:40 AM…I was 20 minutes late, I felt really bad as I am always on-time for all BOP Rides and this one was one of the rarest-of-rare occasions…I blame it on the Beer squarely…

So at 10:15 we finally started the ride, after waiting for Kamikaze & his wife Vrinda to come in their Scorpio…we took the Gurgaon-Faridabad road which gave an ample opportunity to Arun to use his Handycam and shoot videos…we also did a short off-roading adventure through a detour…then we made the first pit-stop for some to take a leak and for some to smoke…

Post that we reached the Mela Grounds amidst hundreds of Bikes parked, it all looked like a scene straight out of the recent Rider Mania which I attended in Ooty, but the difference being this time the bikes were a mix of all makes!!! There were strict security measures being followed by the Security Forces amidst the latest Terror attacks & threats…and no cigarettes were allowed in the Mela Grounds, me & Arun hid our cigarettes in his Jacket Pocket but our dear comrade, Topgun had a novel idea in his mind for which he had already prepared before-hand…he hid the cigarettes in an aluminum foil and it looked like a Sandwich Packet!!! What an innovation indeed…I would implement it each time now!!!

The crowds had not built up when we reached the Mela, probably people must have been waking up really slowly on a Saturday Morning, we didn’t waste any time and went to the Food Court to have a much-awaited Breakfast Meal…there were loads of options but all Vegetarian…all of us shared the delicacies, in total we ordered Kadhi Chawal, Rajma Chawal, Makke-di-Roti & Sarson-da-Saag, Rumali Roti Meal, Kulche Matar, Chiwra & Cheele and Bhalle-Papdi Chaat…as expected TopGun had Noodles !!! We also had Rabri ke Malpue & Hot Jalebi for desserts!!! what an amazingly satisfying meal it was, once the tummy was satisfied we went to the Surajkund Lake which unfortunately was all dried up but we sat in the Amphitheatre Stairs and had a nice photo session with everybody using the opportunity to utilize Arun`s Tripod…

After that we had a discussion about the next step of the ride…after following the Democratic Way of using a Popular Vote a unanimous decision was taken to move next to The Tughlaqabad Fort to follow the Historical Riding we are exploring full-on these days…the other options were The Mohit Chauhan Show at The Dilli Haat & The new Jhaag Lake…maybe we would do the lake some other time….

We reached the Fort in no time and entered the Fort amidst my non-stop detailed commentary about the true history of the Fort which only I knew all about…I really pity the poor knowledge of our fellow BOPians but would discuss this some other day, as I don’t want to ridicule anybody…but a sudden decision was made to enjoy chilled beer in the Fort Ramparts…there were loads of secluded areas all over the place where we could drink without anybody disturbing us…then Dips & Tomar made a swift exit from the Fort to get Beer for the thirsty souls…yes I know even our Bodies were thirsty but I would say that the Soul was hungrier…as drinking beer in a fort is an experience is much much better than drinking at any of the swank or posh clubs…if you don’t believe me then do it once and then you would get to experience the bliss yourself…

After some time they appeared with a bag full of Beer Bottles and Chips as well as Snakes!!! We chose a secluded spot and soon the party started amidst the ruins where sometime back in the 13th Century I guess similar adventures would have been attempted by some rebels like us!!! There was an empty tank as well close to where we sat and we imagined that some erstwhile queens must have taken a Herbal Bath there!!! That thought was quite interesting to say the least but all that was in the Tank now was some Empty water bottles and cigarette butts!!! Another longish Bakchodi session followed with all of us planning for the next Ride…and then I hit a Goldmine!!! I was just playing with the 10X Zoom in my camera and spotted a couple sitting on the top of a Fort Wall quite a distance away, they were getting physically intimate and we joined the fun, I started to click some pics of their Valentine Celebration !!! soon everybody got excited and all eyes & thoughts were fixed on my camera screen…Arun didn’t let this golden opportunity go and got his Camcorder installed on the Tripod and started to make a Video !!! We also had some extremely interesting live commentary going on in the background!!! You can surely imagine what it would be…now every one of us is anxiously waiting to watch the video and have the same fun all over again!!! Jagmeet is literally dying to take a sneak peek!!! But I am sure Arun would take his time editing & pruning the Video and present a full-HD Format to us…we completely trust him to do that!!! He is a master after all…

After the Video session we left the Fort and the ride was completed…all-in-all a great day filled with Culture, Tradition, History & also Live Valentine Celebration!!! We had it all…

You can see all the pics @
1. Varun Doegar :
2. Jagmeet Singh :
3. Sanket Tomar :
4. Che :

So till the time we meet again…

Cheers to life…

Till then ride safe and have safe sex…

Inquilab Zindabad…

Hasta la Victoria Siempre…

Jai BoP!


  1. cool sir ji…..chak dita
    I must say ki aaj kaafi streching hui hogi, waise yeh WC/RM waale pehle kaise ban gaya 🙂

    Very well written

  2. drive blog ki maa ki aankh…

    VIDEO KAHAN HAI !!!!!!!!
    I want the Valentine Celebration video…..

  3. The dildo reference is hilarious.
    The video is WOW.
    Frankly, i didnt expect the blog of such a short ride to be exciting. But, it surely is. After all, everything that has BoP is gold.
    And 100% agreement on the quote, “the bodies were less thirsty than the soul”

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  5. Um seriouslii tokin wont rate dis one as a blog wud rather say an extended version f bakchodi session…bt none d less dun v guys read ur blog fr d same reason…lolz

    ws a gud one n once again wud lyk to remind u dat in d year end blog itself u gave up drinking n gt bak to ur own self jus afta…aur naw tou even strtd blamin in rdb ishtyle”bahen ki taki beer ka kasur hia”..!!

    chalo um gonna ryd wid d bulls sum tym suun….so dat i also gt listd out here!

  6. While you are out riding, I am stll waiting for someone’s bike to finish running in… 🙁

  7. CHE…….rulz……bhai awesome blog and as ken said d DILDO is 2 hilarious…..also d video is 2 cool…..cheeers long live BOP….


  8. I think yours was the ultimate way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!! I would anyday go for this rather than trying to find my way amidst suffocating red heart-shaped Balloons!!!!

  9. Lesleyann

    Che…….. u rule, amazing blog, brought back so many memories of the mela, the delicious mouthwatering food… I always enjoy reading u & ur fellowmates’ experiences…
    All the best to you guys… Ride carefully & be safe

  10. kya baat hai sirzee, bahut badiya likha hai keep posting

  11. sahi azaad panchi ban rakha hai tu….khana peena and biking…..mast time pass and a trend setting way to celebrate any day…..i can bet that ur next valentine will be with 10 times more bikes and riders……babes will automatically tad along

  12. quite a gang you got there..sahi full to aish

  13. and where is you southern India ride blog man..waiting for it..

  14. He he…excellent post…too funny! I want to see that couple’s video…kabhi dikhana 😛

    Great Job as usual! 🙂


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