2012…On the Road and Off it…

Years come and go as a routine but some of them are special & unique…2012 was another such year! I enjoyed my time whole-heartedly; watched some real awesome movies and yeah loads of them J, ate like mad – thanks to my Wife and travelled to new places! Couldn’t have asked for more I say!
I have always loved watching & following movies – across genres and languages! And Kuwaitprovided me the perfect opportunity to follow this passion religiously; as when I was in Indiamajority of my free time was taken up by motorcycling, friends & family! But since I came to Kuwaitthere has been no looking back!!! And God provided me the perfect partner in Bandita who is a movie freak just like me! She is always game for a movie: whenever & wherever! So here it goes….
My Movie Count for 2012…Total of 287:
Hollywood: 271 – Bollywood: 16
Out of these 35 were Theatre Visits!
Some of my 2012 Movie Blogs:
1. GoW Review:
2. Review of Sachin Kalbag’s selection:
3. My Oscar Selection:

Food is a necessity for some people but for me it is one of the driving factors of my life! I live to eat and have no qualms in publicly accepting this facet of my life J once again BIG thanks to Bandita for bringing more food pleasures in my life – with her being an awesome cook, a partner-in-crime in sampling new cuisines & restaurants and enjoying the non-vegetarian dishes I cook! We tried out various new restaurants here in Kuwait and during our IndiaTrip…plus she graduated from being a cooking novice to a brilliant cook since she moved to Kuwait…meaning wonders for me! In this process I gained a lot of weight too which was all too visible 😉 but then being a doctor she ensured that I exercised regularly and showed restrained….at times! From 65 kgs in Feb 2012 to 86 kgs in Nov 2012 was quite a journey 😉

The London Olympics…………….

Thanks to the curtailed office timings during Ramzan here in Kuwait and the Olympics happening during the same time I followed the Olympics like never before! Plus I had access to all 3 TV Channels beaming the mega event LIVE! Olympics have been my favourite Sporting Event since childhood and this time was no different! and this time I followed all sport disciplines across countries…these Olympics were also special as India gave it’s best performance with 6 medal winners! once again Sports united the country across regional divides 🙂
My Blog about the Olympics:

Didn’t travel that much in 2012 but whatever I could was full of fun & wonderful memories! During my brief India Trip in March I had planned a much-awaited ride to Abhaneri, Rajasthan with my motorcycle club – Bulls on Parade (BoP) but that didn’t finish the way I had planned – nonetheless whatever time I enjoyed with my comrades was good fun!
My Blog about that Ride:
Then came our Oct-Nov Trip to Indiaand we had a ball!
Went to Gujarat to spend some time with Bandita’s parents and enjoy Gujaratduring the Navratras Time…
Drove to Agra together for a 1-day Trip…and were mesmerized by “Wah Taj”!
Travelled to the most beautiful part of this Earth – Ladakh…and spent 7 days together in the lap of heaven! Memories that would last a lifetime!
And then I rode to Mandawa, Rajasthan with my BoP Comrades to celebrate our 5thAnniversary which was another wonderful & fun-filled ride and most importantly devoid of any mishaps plus had all the regular BoP Ride Ingredients. – BBB, Mis-navigation and yeah some Rain too!


This was also the year I was diagnosed with Diabetes….on 17-Feb-2012! With my Chronic Pancreatitis history and both my parents being Diabetics I had to get it one day and this year it finally happened…I am on Insulin and take 2 shots a day and this would remain the case for the rest of my life now…Due to my diet control, exercise regimen and Ayurvedic Medicines thankfully my Blood Sugar levels are under control but I would have to remain careful for the rest of my life now! As always I am unfazed by this and have accepted this as a part of my life! hopefully things would get better in years to come….though this has dealt a big blow to my sweet tooth and now I can’t eat all those amazing desserts & this is my biggest loss! plus Diabetes also explains my sudden weight loss in the beginning of this year and the steady gain since it started to get normal due to my medications – Insulin and the Pancreatic Enzymes I take daily….

Last but not the least…………..Bandita!
Big thanks to her for making 2012 such a memorable year! We got married in Nov 2011 and then I came back to Kuwait in Dec 11…she joined me here in February 2012 and since then we have spent some awesome moments together….she is the perfect partner-in-rhyme I could have hoped for! Life is indeed very beautiful with her around….she was always there when I was indulging in Movies, Food and Travel! 
2013 has started on a real good note and hope the good times continue in 2013 as well…lot of good things planned for this year starting with our February Dubai Trip….so here’s wishing everybody a rocking, trouble-free & chilled-out 2013 from my side…

So till the time we meet again…

Cheers to life…

Till then ride safe and have safe sex…

Inquilab Zindabad…

Hasta la Victoria Siempre…

Jai BoP!


  1. Great……wish both of you for even better 2013.

  2. Meri aakhon mein to aansoo aa gaye. mujhe aisa laga mein Karan Johar ki movie ki script padh raha hoon. 😉

  3. Wow…that was one hell of a flashback…congratulations for Bandita, she seems a real good person 🙂 and take care of your health….hope to see more in the coming year!!!

  4. i am so happy for u.

  5. Great!
    Cheers to life man.
    You are actually like a mirror to me 🙂 – always look forward to your travelogues, movie reviews, food stuff etc etc.
    Wish you a damn good 2013, looking forward to meet you finally this year.
    And take good care man – that diabetic thing is scary.

  6. Hi Nishant…
    Just had a look at your new blog…
    Very colourful presentation with some vibrant collages and yes…your pic with jovial mood perfectly reflects your personality i.e.marry maker to the core..
    I also liked that you are a non fiction lover…you must be a biography and autobiography lover too…
    narender aka masterjee

  7. Tripathi…

    Thanks a ton….and wishing you the same!


  8. Hey Dhairya aka Kamikaze,

    Glad to know that you have gone through Karan Johar’s Movie Script in the past and that my post rekindled the good memories 😉


  9. Thanks Sumana for the comment and the wishes!

    This year would be definitely blogging more…2012 was quite lean!


  10. Bhabhi,

    Even I am happy for you 😀


  11. Rohit Bhai,

    Thanks a lot for your lovely comment! Even I learn a lot from you every day…about your passion for travel and movies!

    Keep the spirit going and have an even better 2013…and hope you visit Ladakh this year!


  12. MasterJi,

    Just made some minor formattings yesterday to make the text clearer and added a new cover pic! I am glad you liked it 🙂

    Yeah I am a biography and autobiography lover! recently finished Lance Armstrong’s autobiography and these days reading Subhash Chandra Bose’s Biography 🙂

    Thanks for visiting the blog and hope you follow it!


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