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Any movie which starts and ends with a mention  of Sachin Tendulkar can’t be bad eh! The film starts with Sachin’s last match speech, video & interview which makes the eyes moist and ends with his quote too!

Abrid Shine’s directorial debut film “1983” is about Ramesan (Nivin Pauly) who is an above average student, his parents want him to become a mechanical engineer but he is mad about only one thing – Cricket, a passion which drives him and makes his life worthwhile or worthless at times! He somehow scrapes through his Class 10th exams, can’t get through a good college but his childhood sweetheart does well and joins a PG Science course; he sadly loses her because of his uncertain future!

He remains obsessed to the game & never loses his passion. He gets married, has a son and when he sees a spark of cricket interest in his son he ensures that he doesn’t end up like him but becomes a professional cricketer! To ensure this he designs a Bowling Machine, sells his wife’s jewellery for his Kit and sacrifices his work too!

Cricket is a religion for our country and this movie perfectly portrays this theme about how this sport is ingrained in our lives! This film also signifies the transformation of our society in the last 30 years; earlier parents used to consider Cricket just as a waste of time but now they see this as a very strong & viable career option! The humour elements are brilliantly woven & the enthusiasm grows as the movie progresses!

Nivin Pauly has done a superb job and no wonder he is one of the most promising young actors of this generation! Right from being a young & crazy man in his teens to a father in his 40s he is out & out impressive! Definitely one of his best performances till date!

Nikki Galrani (Ramesan’s childhood sweetheart Manjula) looks very refreshing & stunning in his brief role and plays her part well!

Srinda Ashab (Ramesan’s ignorant wife Susheela) has done a decent job as well and their first night scene is simply superb (won’t spill the beans)

The support cast of Ramesan’s friends are very well casted and they grow perfectly with the movie!

The best one is Jacob Gregory who has a cameo as Tendulkar’s namesake and is simply awesome! specially his last scene!

Gopi Sunder’s musical score adds to the brilliance of this movie and even though there are just 4 songs in the movie they are perfect additions to keep the plot moving!

Pradeesh Varma’s Cinematography of Kerala is brilliant and delightful!

Dhoni’s biopic has just been announced (sheepishly co-produced by his company) but this movie, even though isn’t a biopic, but is a perfect & subtle tribute to India’s most famous sports person –  Sachin Tendulkar, and Abrid has emphasized many a times how passionate he is about his sporting idol! Wait for the ending Credits!

The movie brilliantly connects the dots between our first historic Cricket World Cup’s win in 1983 with the 2nd one in 2011 which happened 28 years later! I am sure it would inspire many a young cricketers!

1983 is a must watch for every Sports/Cricket fan and also for every Movie Lover too as it casts a spell of nostalgia which every Indian can relate to! It isn’t a typical sports film but one which would entertain & move everybody! It is inspiring, motivational, emotional and a very well made movie! A perfect debut for Abrid Shine I say and he is definitely someone to watch out for in the future!

Thanks to my dear friend George for recommending this movie to me!

My rating 4/5… 

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  1. this is first time i am reading proper review of yours and its brilliantly written. Though I dint like the movie as much as you did. But certainly a good watch.

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