The Music Room: A Memoir by Namita Devidayal ||| Book Review

Namita Devidayal

Even though I am not a follower of Indian Classical Music & have very limited knowledge about this genre but when I read the description about this book on Goodreads I instantly added this to my wishlist. This book is a Memoir about a Guru-Shishya relationship written by Namita Devidayal about her Musical Journey spent with her teacher Dhondutai, the last living disciple of two of the finest Indian classical singers of the twentieth century: the legendary Alladiya Khan and the great songbird Kesarbai Kerkar.

It wasn’t just a book for me but a superb learning experience about how much hard focus, determination, sacrifice and focus is required to become a half-decent Classical Singer leave alone a legend!

This book is dedicated to Dhondutai but during the course of the book Namita also throws light on the lives of Alladiya Khan, Bhurji Khan and Kesarbai Kerkar who were Dhondutai’s teachers at some point of time . A memoir can be presupposed to be a boring list of anecdotes and incidents but this just isn’t the case with this one. Namita has perfectly created a relationship between the present and the past and also provides a lot of snippets about this wonderful musical genre!

This book would be a wonderful read for everybody even when they don’t have any understanding or interest in this musical genre and that is the real beauty of this book! Kudos to Namita for this! She provides a lot of information about the various facets of a singer/teacher – their short temper, their strange behaviour patterns and what keeps them going!

The language of the book  is very simple and doesn’t have any complicated usage of English language. Namita hasn’t wasted any time in listing her own life incident stalking about her life apart from the theme of the book which ensures the pace always remains brisk!

The cover design is very simple yet effective! And the moment you would pick it you would read these words of Pandit Ravi Shankar– ‘This book is a must for every musician and music lover!’ And it talks volumes about the book!

I loved this book and gave it 4/5 stars! so whenever you get the time & chance do give it a shot!

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  1. nice, makes me think of trying it . am also very “kacha” in my indian classical music knowledge.

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