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Foxcatcher is the story of Olympic wrestling champion Mark Schultz and paranoid-schizophrenic millionaire John du Pont, who murdered Schultz’s brother, Olympic champion Dave Schultz, in 1996.

What excited and attracted me towards this movie was the Acting Trio of Steve Carell, Channing Tatum & Mark Ruffalo – 3 superb actors and this time playing real life characters! plus the Director Bennett Miller who has made 2 simply superb movies in the movies – Capote & Moneyball! Enough reasons to get excited you see!


And the movie was true to the expectations it had created! a superbly made Sports Biographical Drama about the lives of 2 Olympic Wrestling Champion Brothers and a tragic end to one of those lives thanks to a mighty millionaire who came out of nowhere and created mayhem!

It is a mesmerizing, tragic and poignant tale of how money can spoil the minds of sensible men & lead them towards destruction! It is about the beautiful relationship of 2 brothers, the elder one being the father figure & coach to the younger one and how it gets destroyed.


And most importantly the movie is about superlative acting performances by the 3 lead actors. And also how similar they looked to the real life characters! Hollywood always gets that right!

John Eleuthère du Pont
Steve Carrell (left) as John Eleuthère du Pont (right) in Foxcatcher.


Steve Carell would blow you away with his stupendous performance of playing the manic, self-obsessed & seemingly patriotic millionaire. He has always been a comic actor in my books but this performance blew me away! The combination of his thin voice, uncanny mannerisms, pregnant pauses in his speech and the brilliant make-up has made this role magical!

Dave Schultz
Mark Ruffalo (left) as Dave Schultz (right) in Foxcatcher.


Mark Ruffalo is as always calm, collected & brilliant! He plays the universally likeable family man who can do nothing wrong. Even with Carell’s mighty performance he has shined all the way through!

Mark Schultz
Channing Tatum (left) as Mark Schultz (right) in Foxcatcher.


Channing Tatum has given one of his best performances so far with a simmering intensity, physical prowess and very few words. He continues to show us how effective and versatile an actor he is turning out into!

Bennett Miller has once again proved his directorial prowess after 2 stellar movies in the past!

It competed for the Palme d’Or in the main competition section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, where Miller won the Best Director Award. The film has also got three Golden Globe Award nominations – Best Picture, Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for Carell and Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture for Ruffalo.

Carell is definitely a strong contender and I definitely expect him to get an Oscar Nomination too!

This is a slow-paced movie and I am not a big fan of such movies but even then this movie kept me gripped & hooked throughout it’s 134 minutes. The character studies create a strong impact & are very insightful.

This movie is dark, intense, chilling & take us to the dark corners of the human mind which always end up tragically.

Just go for it folks! My rating 4.5/5…

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