2014…on the Road and off it…

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2013 was a great year for us but 2014 was even better! There were so many beautiful experiences right from the start of this year & the momentum was always at high speed throughout 2014! It was definitely one of the most special years of our lives; big thanks to Abhay! He was born in January 2014 and gave us so many beautiful moments to cherish; ones which would be part of our heart, mind & soul through our lives!

And it wasn’t just Abhay who made 2014 special! Our parents visited us here in Kuwait, my Bhai made our family proud once again, I watched 174 movies & read 31 books, made a lot of new & awesome recipes, travelled to 3 new countries across 3 different continents, made 2 trips to India and I finally launched my own-hosted Blog Site! Thanks to our families & friends for being there all the way through! 2015 looks very exciting & hope it is an even better year for everybody!

Bandita was as always my partner-in-rhyme and tolerated me brilliantly another year running!

Lots of special plans are in store for 2015 and I am hoping we can achieve them together!


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If there is one person who defines 2014 for us then he has to be Abhay! He was born on 11th January 2014 and changed our lives forever! Our lives are much more beautiful now & I am sure this would remain the same forever! He is definitely a travel-friendly child as he was such a no-fuss kid during our Kenya & Jordan Trips; we were so damn scared before we went to Kenya about how he would cope up during his first flight & a new country with completely different weather, food & people! But he blew up all our fears & anxieties and showed us that he is made for travel!

His antics keep us on our toes through the days & nights and spending time with him is definitely the most special part of our lives now! We had heard horror stories from a lot of parents about all the troubles they have gone through during the first 6-12 months of their kids but Abhay has so far not been a fussy kid and plays along to whatever he comes across! Be it food, places or people! Hope he stays like this forever as he very well knows his parents are not going to stop travelling so he doesn’t have any options than to get adjusted very quickly anyway!

I wrote a write-up when Abhay turned one-month young & it is definitely one of the most special blogs I have written!


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We watched a mind boggling 340 movies in 2013; we knew for sure that this number would considerably come down in 2014 and that’s what happened too! We ended up watching just 174 movies this year (just for us but a big number for many!) but had no regrets as spending our free time with Abhay took priority over movies this year!

This year we explored many new languages especially South Indian Movies and loved all of them! The Malayalam & Tamil Cinema is so well evolved & far better than the Hindi Cinema and it shows in the sheer quality of their movies! We also watched Icelandic, Georgian & Chilean movies for the first time in 2014 too!


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I read 44 novels/books in 2013 and this year ended up reading a respectable number of 31 books across various genres!

My favourite book of this year was Korma, Kheer & Kismet: Five Seasons in Old Delhi for many different reasons! Firstly it is written by a dear friend Pamela Timms, secondly it is about Food, thirdly it is about Delhi – my hometown, fourthly it is a damn good book & one which you must read and last but not the least my name is written in the acknowledgements! Pretty strong reasons to make it the Best Book of 2014 for me eh!

Return to India by Shoba Narayan, Nobody Can Love You More: Life in Delhi’s Red Light District by Mayank Soofi, Following Fish: Travels Around The Indian Coast by Samanth Subramanian, Tamarind City: Where Modern India Began by Bishwanath Ghosh, Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta were the other top books I read in 2014.



I had always wanted to host my blog using my platform and migrating it from Blogspot which I have been using right from the start of my Blogging days in March 2008! So after 6.5 years I moved to my own domain! And big thanks to my colleague Prakhar Srivastav for being the catalyst and coach for this big move! One fine day in September 2014 both of sat in my home (with able support of Bandita & Kashish Mehta) and worked hard to build this site in 8 long hours! I had made a special Chicken Curry as a treat to Prakhar & Kashish too!

Hope I continue to right good quality stuff about multiple topics in the future…


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As you all know Food has been my undying passion and I have no qualms in accepting that I live to eat and not the other way round!

This year too I tried cooking many new recipes thanks to the wonderful recipes posted on the Facebook page of Sikandalous Cuisine; all of them real brilliant recipes and which were liked by everybody who got the opportunity to eat them!

We also tried new dishes during our travels across Kenya, Jordan and London! And that is the best part about travelling; sampling new dishes and getting out of the comfort zone! Thankfully Bandita also loves experimenting with new cuisines & flavours so there is never any debate between us about food!


Just like 2013 when we visited 3 new countries together, 2014 was equally brilliant for me. I visited Kenya in July, Jordan in October and United Kingdom in November!  3 brilliant trips!

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Kenya was a childhood dream trip for me; having watched all those shows on Discovery & NatGeo since my childhood and reading about the Wildlife in Kenya. And it was an outstanding trip thanks to our Travel partner – Lion Trails Safaris and our guide – Martin! We witnessed the magical wildlife of Kenya and also enjoyed mouth-watering food along with our brilliant discussions with Martin!

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Our Jordan Trip was equally brilliant too! such a beautiful country with lovely people, delicious food and breathtaking natural beauty! We were lucky to have met Ahmed Almajali Uncle who ensured we had an unforgettable Trip! just can’t thank him & his beautiful family for making our trip such a special one!

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My London trip was completely unexpected; even though it was an official trip I ensured I had enough fun personal time meeting friends & family during the 5 days of my trip! Had heard a lot about the dark, chilly, gloomy & rainy weather there and I experienced the same throughout! The trip was very special as I had my first LIVE Tennis experience during the ATP World Tour Finals Event plus I met Mayank whom I know since 2003 but had never met him before!



Lots of trips are planned for this year and I hope & pray that all of them come true as we have planned them! We would be celebrating Abhay’s 1st birthday on 11-January & hope he continues to make our lives special & better!

I would be blogging about the new recipes I would cook, the countries we explore, the movies I watch, the books I read and hope I would not bore you with all my blogs but make them entertaining & interesting for you!

Here’s wishing myself and all my friends & family members an awesome, safe, happy and cheerful 2015!

So till the time we meet again…

Cheers to life…

Till then ride safe and have safe sex…

Inquilab Zindabad…

Hasta la Victoria Siempre…

Jai BoP!


  1. Fantastic and touchy. May god bless you all. Happy birthday to Abhay

  2. Kamal Kanwadia

    Awesome bro… i am sure 2015 would be even better….

  3. What a beautiful year it was for you. I think a lot of time it is the parents attitude that defines kids. The fact that you and Bandita are so chilled out and happy to experiment and travel, it rubs on to Abhay also. Hope you have an even better 2015, you get to travel and see your loved ones, Abhay makes you run and laugh and you eat and cook delicious food. Here is to happy and healthy 2015 for you. God Bless

    • Thanks a million for such a warm & beautiful comment and all the lovely wishes! I also hope that your 2015 is rocking, filled with lots of food and much less stress! Cheers…

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