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I had heard & read a lot great things about this movie and this was even better than all those reviews! This is one of those movies which would entertain you throughout the 171 minutes of it’s duration & you would be thoroughly wowed by the end!

My dear friend Nafees Ahmed had included this in his “Best Indian movies of 2014” and when Nafees Speaks you got to listen!

Jigarthanda means Cold Heart in English and is also the name of a very famous local drink in Tamil Nadu; the Director Karthik Subbaraj‘s debut film was the wildy popular & brilliant “Pizza” and he has continued with naming his films on food/drink items! Karthik is no ordinary Director; till some years back he was a regular Software Engineer at Infosys, went for an onsite assignment to the US, made some short movies with Indie film-makers there, came back to India, quit his job and directed Pizza! And has followed up with an equally brilliant if not better film!


The plot is completely out of the box & some have said it is inspired by a 2004 South Korean film “A Dirty Carnival”; I haven’t watched it so can’t comment on the similarities. And nothing in the plot is predictable, it moves at a frantic pace and even then giving enough time for the characters to build, grow & develop! Coincidentally the name of the lead is Karthik (very smart indeed) played by Siddharth who is a short filmmaker determined to direct a full-length movie and appears for a Reality Show where he finds a producer to back him but on the condition that he will make a violent gangster flick. So he decides to move to Madurai where he stays with his old friend Oorani played by Karunakaran to learn more about the ruthless gangster very aptly named “Assault Sethu” brilliantly played by the awesome actor Bobby Simha whom I loved in Pizza, Soodhu Kavvum and Neram. Both friends begin to track Sethu and his everyday activities. Kayal (Lakshmi Menon) and her mother, cook for Sethu and his men. Karthik decides to use her to gather information and pretends to be in love with her. The first half ends with Karthik and Oorini getting caught red-handed trying to overhear Sethu & his group about some encounter plans with a hidden speaker planted by them! The crescendo builds up amazingly well by then and I knew the 2nd half had to be even better which revolves around  how Karthik gets himself out of this mess & the big surprise in the end which i would not reveal as it would spoil the movie for you!

Karthik’s characters are all believable, real and insanely funny! Sethu’s sidekicks or his team of gangsters have stories of their own which would crack you up! Bobby is the real star of the movie around which the entire story revolves! He is chillingly menacing throughout & completely hilarious as well – what a truly remarkable performance!



Siddharth has done a very good job too in playing the perpetually hurried & confused wannabe director and Karunakaran is always the hilarious sidekick!


Music by Santhosh Narayanan is very refreshing & all the songs are placed beautifully and never interrupts the narrative; even the background score adds to the magic of this film. The cinematographer Gavemic Ary has done a truly stellar job providing the best angles and vantage points for every scene.


Some people might call the movie a bit too long (at 171 minutes) but for me the duration was never an issue even when I rarely am able to watch such long movies in one single sitting but then this was a special movie indeed! Also the lead actress’ character could have been portrayed & built much better in my opinion.

Another special part about the movie are the brilliantly designed posters! Very rarely I have seen such art & design in Indian Movie posters. You don’t expect a gangster flick to have a Neon Pink poster and that is what made the poster collection so awesome! It was also ranked as the 6th best Indian Movie poster of 2014 by the Long Live Cinema Website in their list.



I just loved the dark humour moments which laces the entire story-line & even though i watched the movie with subtitles it didn’t spoil the fun for me! But I am sure everybody who understands Tamil who love this movie even more as they can get the nuances of the dark humour much better than me!

This movie is raw & unadulterated and comes straight from the heart of the crew. You can feel the exuberance throughout! This is a Gangster-Humour-Musical-Thriller-Action Film all combined into one! It just can’t better than this, isn’t it?

So without wasting any further time go, watch this movie and get entertained thoroughly! this is one of those movies which just can’t be missed by any film lover!

I hope Karthik never loses his rawness & passion and delights us with his 3rd movie too!

Needless to say…My rating 5/5!

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