The PolCzech Trip Travelogue ||| Part 1

The PolCzech Blog

Travelling has been my life’s top priority since many years now and I am glad my partner-in-rhyme Bandita is always excited about the same! The best part is that our son Abhay loves it too and definitely prefers being outdoors over indoors!

This PolCzech Trip was our longest trip together which lasted for 16 days and expectedly we were damn excited about visiting 2 countries which we had never even thought about visiting even a year before!


The initial plans for the 2015 Summer Trip were for Italy, France & Switzerland but we changed them to Poland & Czech Republic as we wanted to visit less crowded and relatively unknown locations plus the fact that both these countries are much cheaper than most of Europe also helped us in finalizing this trip! The cheapest flight option I got was for a Kuwait-Warsaw-Kuwait trip through KLM so I booked it; and don’t fall off the seat when you know the booking date – September 1 2014! Yes, I booked them that early! I got a damn cheap price plus got the option to book our choice of seats too! Trip Advisor once again came handy and after my extensive research I booked all the places where we were to stay. And this was the first time we were going to stay in a hostel!


And then the routine began! Reading blogs, frequenting Trip Advisor for choice of hotels, local transport options and most importantly the restaurants to visit! I also got in touch with a Prague resident who gave me some real critical information about his city which helped me to plan our 4 days there! I got superb deals on the hotel tariffs as well which helped me finance the trip better. I also booked 23 restaurants and we ended up visiting 16 out of them. And all of those 16 food experiences ended up being kick-ass!


I was in the planning and dreaming zone for 10 months before we finally started our trip. For me this is one of the best parts about all our trips; the researching, the booking of hotels, restaurants & places of interest. My wife calls me crazy for this “over planning” but I follow the “better planned than sorry” principle and this has ensured that all our trips have gone trouble free and no mishaps; none whatsoever. And this trip was no different. We had crazy fun throughout the 16 days visiting multiple cities; using all forms of public transport in both the countries, taking 2 cross-country overnight trains, visiting the Mountains after 2+ years (so what they were not The Mighty Himalayas), driving a brand-new car in Poland, visiting a UNESCO heritage town (yes, not just a single monument), doing a breezy 4-hours exploration of Amsterdam, a 20-kms hike across a Czech National Park, sampling multiple cuisines from all over the world, meeting fellow travellers from so many different countries, seeing our son enjoy so much in spite of so many weather changes and finally getting 2 more countries off our list!

And Abhay was once again the indomitable kid like he has always has been on each of his trips so far; be it Kenya, Jordan or the 2-months long India Trip. He enjoyed each & every moment like we did and stayed fit & fine throughout; be it the 15 degrees rainy weather of Warsaw, the 10 degrees chill of Zab, the 34 degrees Prague Castle Tour or the 12 degrees Amsterdam Thunderstorm!

The PolCzech Blog1

I would be posting separate travelogues about each of the towns/cities/places we visited in this trip – Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration Camps and the Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour, Zab, Prague, Prague Zoo, The Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Cesky Krumlov and finally Amsterdam. This is different than the way I have posted my travelogues in the past so I hope this goes well with the readers! This would ensure that you can get specific information about each of the different locations separately in detail than all the detailed information in one single “very long post”.

I have to be much quicker this time as our next trip is just 50 days away so I better hurry up!

Hope you would enjoy this journey the same way we did!

So till the time we meet again…

Cheers to life…

Till then ride safe and have safe sex…

Inquilab Zindabad…

Hasta la Victoria Siempre…

Jai BoP!


  1. BK Atreya

    waiting for the main posts!

    50 days mei kidhar ka trip hai bhai?

    • The main posts coming very soon 🙂 And the next country is going to be Greece! Santorini and Ios islands….8 days trip…starts on 18 Sep…

  2. Fantastic !!

    And haan, please post bigger pics this time, not the usual enlarged-thumbnails type 😉

  3. Well this is great and sure can see from your pics how u guys have enjoyed. Well did u learn this early booking trick from your friend?

    • Nope…I always book early for all my trips…that way I get the best and the cheapest deals 🙂

      My Prague friend referred me the hotel we stayed in and also about the National park hike…

  4. It was lovely and enjoyed by me.

  5. NJ….thanks for the small something that you brought for me😊…..and am definitely looking forward for your next story/pictures….more travel for you n family!

    • I am glad you liked both the magnets 🙂 I posted the 2nd Part today…hope you read it too. And thanks for the wishes, miles to go before we sleep!

  6. Madhukar

    Bahut badhiya!

  7. Hey! told you I will pass by, I’m waiting to read about the Prague part! hahahaha cheers and I’ll post you some cool recipies later…

    • Super cool David! I posted the Warsaw part today…Krakow is up next…Prague would follow slowly but surely! and am big time waiting for your Mexican recipes 😀

  8. Wow! Never saw such intensive planning (of over 9-10 months) for a trip! Yet to read the full blog about it though. 🙂

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