The PolCzech Trip Travelogue ||| Part 9 ||| Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam is high on the priority list for everybody planning a trip to Europe and more so for bachelors (for obvious reasons). We got to visit this city very briefly thanks to a six hours transit period while coming back from Warsaw enroute Kuwait and had a mixed bag of experiences.

Friday 10th July 2015 ||| Transit at the Schipol Airport enroute Warsaw from Kuwait

We had a 3 hours waiting period at the airport; half of which we spent walking from one gate to another thanks to the humongous size of this airport. We also clicked some fun selfies, explored some Dutch chocolates, milk products and souvenirs.
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I had a hearty & heavy breakfast at the Tribune restaurant which was very delicious indeed. I loved their Latte as well.

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Abhay was busy in exploring every nook & corner he could move to. I clicked this perfect pic and was very happy to get this shot!


We let him enjoy his day amidst all the excitement we had for our upcoming 16 days of PolCzech Action!

Friday 25th July 2015 ||| Transit at the Schipol Airport enroute Kuwait from Warsaw

This time we had a 6 hours transit and had planned to go out of the airport and explore Amsterdam briefly for 4 hours. We quickly moved out and boarded a train for the Amsterdam Central Station.

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The weather was simply fantastic; pleasant, windy and quite cold too. We decided to do a Canal Cruise which supposedly is the best way to enjoy the city in limited amount of time (Thanks to all the Blogs I had read!). And it was quite an enjoyable experience getting to know more about this eccentric city and also witness the lives of the people who stay at the canal side in their boats which are their homes too!

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The colourful buildings with flowers lined up were such a beautiful sight as well.

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Abhay was in full playful mood and was laughing away to glory while playing with Bandita and enjoying the scenery!


It also started drizzling a bit and that’s when Abhay and I went outside to enjoy the raindrops falling as I was sure once we go back to Kuwait that becomes such a rarity!

After this fun canal ride we explored the areas close to the central station along with a lot of people who were roaming around aimlessly just like us! I also spotted a very interestingly named restaurant – Indian Restaurant Gandhi and was curious about their menu; and their signature dishes was Chicken Biryani; talk about irony!


We also picked up our early lunch and enjoyed that along with fresh yoghurt from a Cheese Shop which had such an extensive collection of fresh cheese varieties. We picked up some real delicious food from a street restaurant.

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It was time for us to leave the city and move towards the Airport to board our flight so we took the train back. The moment we got inside the main building all hell broke loose and a scary thunderstorm started. It was very fierce and windy. We thanked God that we were not caught in the middle of this storm somewhere outside.

And then the ordeal started. We completed our boarding, security check and immigration formalities, moved towards our gate and then our flight started getting delayed further & further. The worst happened when we heard the announcement that Ground Operations were suspended for 3 hours due to the thunderstorm!


We had never expected such mayhem and mismanagement at one of the best managed airports in the world but I guess even they were not prepared for this sudden weather change! Water was leaking from the roof at multiple places and people were running helter-skelter.

KLM was under immense pressure to manage this situation properly and they failed miserably. It was announced by the ground staff that all affected passengers would get food coupons worth 15 Euros each at a particular gate; now this gate was atleast a kilometer away so almost everybody started walking towards that gate and once we reached there we were told that our coupons had already been sent to our gate! So we walked back only to find out that our gate had been suddenly changed! It was so crazy that I started laughing at the situation.

Huge queues had built up at all the restaurants due to everybody lining up to utilize their coupons and we didn’t have much time as our boarding was just about to start. So I collected the coupons and completed our boarding to avoid any inadvertent delay at the last moment.

I have 45 Euros of KLM Food Coupons with me valid till July 2017 so if anybody is travelling via Schipol Airport can contact me to get them! We have no visible plans taking a KLM flight anytime soon!

Finally we were in the aircraft after almost 5 hours of delay and so excited to reach Kuwait after our long trip; we hadn’t expected this longing for Kuwait but we were so exhausted that all we wanted was to lie down on our bed and sleep endlessly!

We landed in Kuwait at 4:35 in the morning (our scheduled arrival time was 10:55 PM a night before!), waited for an hour to get our luggage from the conveyor belt and finally reached home at 6 AM! Definitely not the best time to get back if you have to join your office back! So I slept for 4 hours before reaching office and as expected I was a zombie throughout the day at office!

Amsterdam was surely fun except for the airport mayhem and hope we get to spend more time in that city in the future.

So till the time we meet again…

Cheers to life…

Till then ride safe and have safe sex…

Inquilab Zindabad…

Hasta la Victoria Siempre…

Jai BoP!

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