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I thought the Nivin Pauly-Alphonse Putharen combo could not deliver anything better than Neram but with Premam they have matched their brilliance all over again! Even though there are no similarities between the 2 movies except the rhyming names and the combo, both the movies are equally entertaining all the way through!

I am a big fan of Nivin Pauly and have watched many of his popular movies including Da ThadiyaNeram1983Ohm Shanthi OshaanaMili5 Sundarikal and Bangalore DaysI had watched the trailer of Premam when it was released and was really excited about the plot & watching the movie. It released here in Kuwait but unfortunately without English Subtitles so could not go and then started the long wait for the DVD to come out! Thankfully it was released couple of weeks back and I finally could watch this movie.

You can watch the trailer here: Premam Official Trailer

As the title of this post suggests, this movie is all about love and it reminded me of my childhood love affair attempts & escapades very vividly.

This film follows the life of the protagonist George David (Nivin Pauly), starting with his teenage years as he begins his long & bumpy romantic journey falling in love and desperately wooing the local heart throb, Mary George (Anupama Parameswaran) ably supported by his two friends! Almost all the young men of the town are trying to win her attention but are chased & tackled by her strict father! They also call her once from a public telephone and it reminded me of an instance from Class 9th when we (3 friends) called 3 girls one after other from a phone booth and expressed our love to them! What fun days they were!

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George follows her on her bicycle trying his best to profess his love for her but hillariously fails many a times! When I was in Class 6th, I had “fallen in love” with a girl and used to follow her in school and go to her house on my cycle many a times trying to talk to her but she never did! In the end she complained to my school headmistress and I was reprimanded appropriately and that “love story” had a tragic death…

George’s love story also ended on a similar tragic note as she is in love with another guy and he sheds a bucketful of tears in her memory!

Premam Posters-Nivin Pauly-Sai Pallavi-Madonna-Anupama Parameswaran-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

After this heart break we move forward a few years, George is in college and he has transformed from a clean shaven & seemingly innocent looking man into a rugged college rowdy. His group of friends smoke & drink in the college (even in the classroom!), are always on a lookout for a fight and do everything except studying! But thing take a complete turn when a Tamil guest lecturer Malar (Sai Pallavi) appears on the scene and George falls in love at the first sight with this ethereal beauty! The lecturer also loves him (supposedly) and they sing a few romantic songs too which were quite catchy!

Well I wasn’t as rowdy as them but yes I have smoked and drank beer (twice) while I was in school!

This love story also ends with a tragedy and our George is once again left heartbroken and in tears! I am sure many of us can relate to this love story falling in love with some of our beautiful teachers! Atleast I did with atleast 3 teachers during my school days! Now you may ask why not during my college & MBA Years. So let me clarify, I never attended a single class during the 3 years of my graduation and there was no such beautiful teacher during the 2 years of my MBA!

Premam Posters-Nivin Pauly-Sai Pallavi-Madonna-Anupama Parameswaran-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

The 3rd and final love story is the time when he finally finds the true love of his life and I would not reveal much because I want you to watch the movie and find that story for yourself! But I would definitely mention about Madonna Sebastian who plays Celine and is drop dead gorgeous! I have already fallen in love……….

Madonna Sebastian 2

People who know me well can relate to this last story with my life pretty easily and I would prefer not writing about the connection!


George’s 2 close friends Koya (Krishnan Shankar) and Shambu (Sabareesh) have done a fabulous job and are a very critical part of the story. They make the love attempts complete and also provide lots of humour! They are friends for life in rain, sunshine, despair and happiness!

Premam Girls

The three lovely leading ladies of the movie, Mary George (Anupama Parameshwaran), Malar (Sai Pallavi) and Celina (Madonna Sebastian), all of them made their acting debut with this film after the production house invited applications from girls between age 16 and 25, specifying that “We don’t need girls who don’t know to speak Malayalam”. All 3 of them are as different as chalk & cheese and add a distinct flavour to the story. Mary is someone who enjoys fanfare around her, Malar is to the point & realistic while Celine has an aura around her!

The background score, songs, set design, cinematography, locations and costumes all combine magically to add to the overall brilliance of this film. That bridge shown in Part 1 of the film and the Cafe Agape (which is Pepper House Cafe, Kochi in reality) shown in the last part stood out for me as 2 mesmerizing locations.

Nivin Pauly as always has done a brilliant job and shines all the way through carrying the film on his able shoulders. The efforts he has put into his performance truly deserves all the applause. The way he has grown with the character (both physically & emotionally) is absolutely stunning!

I hope Alphonse Putheran comes up with another winner the next time too as I love his directorial style. His attention to detail and quality of casting is definitely masterclass!


Premam is a very genuine, lifelike and  an entertaining film which would be loved by everybody – students & adults alike! I felt nostalgic many a times and that made this film even more brilliant for me. At 160 minutes, it is quite a lengthy movie but I never felt bored or pushed even once.

Hope you watch this film soon and don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below. I am sure you would be entertained the same way I was!

So till the time we meet again…

Cheers to life…

Till then ride safe and have safe sex…

Inquilab Zindabad…

Hasta la Victoria Siempre…

Jai BoP!


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