My Top 5 Indian Regional Films of 2015


I didn’t watch much Indian regional Cinema except some movies here & there but this changed three years back and since then I have watched almost 60-odd movies across many languages – Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Marathi! It’s a pity I don’t get to watch more, as the English subtitles or even the online prints don’t come out for many movies but I still try my best catching up on every good movie out there available with English subs!

Fortunately my wife is always game for a good regional movie and it is a pleasure enjoying these movies with her. We watched all but one of the following movies together. I am yet to watch some other highly rated movies of 2015 as the prints are yet to come out like CSK – Charles Shafiq Karthiga and Oru Vadakkan Selfie.

Tamil and Malayalam cinema is much more mature, engaging and entertaining than Hindi Cinema and I say this after following it closely for the last 3 years now. The movies made there are far more genuine and about real characters; not about some fake people making merry in Switzerland! You feel like watching real life scenes and not a movie when you watch majority of their movies. I know that I miss some essence because I don’t understand the languages but still it is better than not watching them at all!

Hope the trend continues in 2016 too…

Here, in descending order, is my final selection of the 5 best Indian regional films of the year:

1. Killa – Marathi


There are some movies which touch your heart and find a place there forever; Killa is exactly that sort of a movie. It is a coming-of-age (which incidentally is my favourite genre) tale of Chinmay who has a difficult time coping with the death of his father and how his life changes forever when he along with his mother move to a new town. The debutant director Avinash Arun has done a simply fabulous job of ensuring the movie maintains the emotional balance and never goes overboard with an outpouring of grief or tears. He has handled the issues of grief, friendships, separation, corruption and displacement very deftly indeed. I recommend this movie to everybody and I am sure you would love it too!

I also wrote a detailed review on this film; you can read it here: Killa ||| Marathi Movie Review

2. Premam – Malayalam


As the title of this post suggests, this movie is all about love and it reminded me of my childhood love affair attempts & escapades very vividly. I am a big fan of Nivin Pauly, have watched many of his popular movies and this movie was equally brilliant. The background score, songs, set design, cinematography, locations and costumes all combined magically to add to the overall brilliance of this film. I hope Alphonse Putheran who also directed the incredibly awesome Neram comes up with another winner the next time too as I love his directorial style. His attention to detail and quality of casting is definitely masterclass! I recommended this movie to my brother as I knew he would love it being a die-hard romantic and I wasn’t surprised when he posted his 5 stars review!

I also wrote a detailed review on this film; you can read it here: It’s all about Love ||| Premam ||| Malayalam Movie Review

3. Kaaka Muttai – Tamil 

kaaka-muttai-poster (1)

Kaaka Muttai means The Crow’s Egg in Tamil and that is the slang name of both the lead kid characters in the film! Once you watch the film you would know why! The story revolves around two slum children of Chennai whose biggest & only desire is to taste a pizza and what they do to achieve this dream! The storyline is fresh, engaging and without much stereotyping. Both the kids plus the 2 ladies playing their mother & grandmother have done a fabulous job in bringing out their lives on the big screen. It is a refreshing film which would make you cry and laugh at the same time! It is a film which deserves to be seen and celebrated. Just don’t miss this one! This film has also been compared to the acclaimed Iranian film “Children of Heaven” which is another gem! Watch this and get touched by simplicity which is hard to find in Indian Cinema these days!

4. Baahubali: The Beginning – Telugu


This movie released with a bang and created history in the history of Indian Cinema. I watched the Hindi dubbed version here in Kuwait and was wowed (just like everybody else) by the scale, grandeur, special effects and the direction of this epic adventure film. It shattered pretty much every earnings record in India! It became the highest grossing Indian film within India and third highest grossing Indian film globally; also it was first south Indian film to gross over ₹600 crore (US$90 million) worldwide and the first non-Hindi film to gross over ₹100 crore (US$15 million) in the dubbed Hindi version in India. It also won critical acclaim globally and was featured in multiple international film festivals.

5.  Orange Mittai – Tamil


Orange Mittai is a Tamil black comedy film starring one of my favourite actors Vijay Sethupathi (who is also the co-writer & producer of this film) about Kailasam, an arrogant & short-tempered old man, whose only source of entertainment in his boring life is his frequent trips to the hospital and Satya, a young paramedic, who administers first-aid to patients in an ambulance. He is a sincere worker, who takes great pride in his job. It is a sort of a road trip movie plus a very refreshing & different tale about father-son relationships too. Vijay as always has done a splendid job and once again he has nailled it in playing an unconventional character. Ramesh Thilak is also very effective in his role. It is a must watch for all people who enjoy watching unconventional movies and the length of the movie (just 100 minutes) won’t take up much of your time either!

The honourable mentions (The movies which missed the Top 5 inclusions but were very well made films and in no particular order):

1. Demonte Colony – Tamil

2. O Kadhal Kanmani – Malayalam

3. Sardaar Ji – Punjabi

4. Indru Netru Naalai – Tamil

5. Mili – Malayalam

Hope to see your comments and your selections as well! Please discuss in the comments section. Look forward to your participation and wait for my forthcoming 2015 Movie posts!


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