My Top 5 TV Series of 2015


I started watching TV Series last year and made my debut with the super awesome 1st Season of True Detective; I couldn’t have got a better start for sure! I followed it up with 2 more equally brilliant series – Carlos and Olive Ketteridge. I was well on truly on my to add TV Series to my passion repertoire and there was looking back!

I watched 28 TV Series this year (Yes, you read it correctly)! Some of them were old ones like Band of Brothers, The Killing (Season 1), Top of the Lake, Prisoners of War (Season 1) & Prisoners of War (Season 2) and some of the brand new ones like Zoo, Daredevil amongst others. My wife once again was my partner-in-rhyme and was equally excited in catching up on each episode. The line-up for 2016 looks equally exciting and I am sure we would have another rollicking year of following some new seasons and some brand new series!

We watched the series from a lot of countries; USA, UK, France, Germany & Israel. I have been a fan of Global Cinema lately and now TV Series have also added up!

Here, in descending order, is my final selection of the 5 best TV Series of the year:

1. Fargo (Season 2) – USA


The Fargo Team achieved what the True Detective Team could not! Making an even better and more engaging Season 2! Everything about this series is awesome: The lot, performances, background score, style, Midwestern accents, locales, cinematography, twists & turns and the fast pace of the plot! It is a terrific thriller and deserves to be watched by everybody. Very few can make you laugh with dark humour amidst all the bloodshed but Fargo did! I am sure all of you would love it the same way I did! Kirsten Dunst & Patrick Wilson stand out wrt the performances. Jesse Plemons has done a superb job too…Do watch it folks and get thoroughly entertained…

2. Deutschland 83 – Germany

Deutschland 83 2

This is an eight-episode German television series about a young East German officer who in 1983 is sent to the West as an undercover spy. This is a slick, fast paced, well directed and fresh take on the political embargo of that era. The German setting is absolutely awesome with is a lesson in history about the Cold War rivalry which involved a lot of countries. The acting of the entire caste is top notch and the sub plots are also well managed. I loved the background score too which adds to the viewer delight. This is a definite must watch for all espionage thriller genre fans and strongly recommended…

3. Catastrophe (Season 1) – UK


An unplanned pregnancy turns a weekend tryst into a serious commitment for a British woman and an American tourist. Season 1 sees the couple struggle as they begin to live together and meet each other’s families. This was mighty hilarious, dirty, fast paced, and absolutely delightful. It was a gem of a TV Series with brilliant acting by the 2 leads – Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney who incidentally play Sharon & Rob in the series too! We were howling all the way through at the wacky one-liners and the facial expressions! And the best part is that Season 2 was an equally funny laugh riot! Just watch it ASAP!

4. Mr Robot (Season 1) – USA


This 10-episode TV Series is about a computer programmer working for a cyber-security firm who is recruited by a shadowy organization dedicated to the destruction of corporate America. It raises a lot of uncomfortable and pertinent questions and the suspenseful cyber-thriller plot with engaging sub plots were intriguing and with a provocative premise. This would be definitely enjoyed by all IT-security professionals in general! I loved this series and would wait for the Season 2 to begin…

5. Blindspot – USA

Blindspot (TV series)

This series begins when an unidentified woman with amnesia is found covered with tattoos in New York, and the FBI soon realise that each mark on her body reveals a crime to be solved. It was an intriguing and interesting watch and made a gripping impression. Each episode brought out a new surprise with lots of twists and action. The mysteries kept getting better and I had a wonderful time watching it. Hope Season 2 is equally better.

Hope to see your comments and your selections as well! Please discuss in the comments section. Look forward to your participation and wait for my forthcoming 2015 Movie posts!


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