The Leonine LahaulSpiti Ride | September 2016 | Day 4 | Chango – Tabo


Tuesday 13-September-2016

The day started on a very lazy note as for a change we were in no hurry! The landslide was expected to be cleared by the BRO only by 10 AM so we took it very easy. We had 2 rounds of tea while watching the village waking up from our vantage point.

Breakfast was once again a round of “Chowmein” and tea followed by Aloo Paranthas which got delayed as the delivery of potatoes got late. Nevertheless, we were in no hurry so we didn’t mind at all.

We met a group of 4 students from Poland who were riding RE motorcycles on a 20-days long India ride. I was really excited to meet them, thanks to my 2014 Poland trip! Infact one of them was from Zab, the beautiful village we visited in our trip! Even he was surprised to find somebody who had been to his small village! They were a group of mavericks indeed.


We had a real fun time teaching them some chosen Indian words (I am sure you know what I mean!), one of them even wrote it down on a piece of paper to stick it on his tank and to use it each time its usage was required! And then the funniest thing happened, one of them gave me his voice recording device to records the BC word for him and also its meaning! What crazy fun! They were also stuck in Chango due to the landslide and were anxious to move ahead towards Tabo.


We finally started from Chango at 9:50 AM and headed towards the dreaded Landslide spot, we reached the front of the traffic pile and then waited to get the green signal from BRO to cross. While we were waiting, we were praying to God that no stones/rocks fall on us while we would be crossing as we could see a lot of them falling on the road while the JCB was clearing the spot.


Finally we got the go-ahead and rode past the dreaded spot and crossed it successfully and without any mishap! They were very anxious moments and we were lucky to scrape through!


The plan of the day was to chill through the day as we just had 41 kilometres to traverse to reach Tabo. We stopped multiple times to enjoy the gorgeous roads and scenes!


We reached our Tabo stay – Hotel Tow Dhey Himalaya at 12 Noon and were greeted by some beautiful flowers in their garden. I clicked the pics for my mother who is a flower and gardening enthusiast!


The first thing we did was to call our homes and inform them that we were safe & sound as we were unable to call them a day before the entire day. They were quite relieved and tense after what we told them. They wished us the best of luck and then we went to our rooms to freshen up.

While the other 3 Leonines went ahead to explore the Tabo Monastery, I decided to sleep in my room as I have had enough of monasteries in my life and am done with them forever! I had a 2-hours long comfortable sleep and later had my lunch in the restaurant.


The other 3 came back with the information about the availability of Petrol and then we went to get our petrol tanks full to be ready for the day ahead.


We came back and had a long bakar session in the room balcony followed by round of Pakodas and Chai! The view from the balcony was absolutely beautiful and we could see the entire town of Tabo from our spot!


And then we decided to explore Tabo a bit further and went towards the riverside through the Tabo Bridge. There was not much water and it was getting very cold so after spending 15-20 minutes, we came back.


We had traditional Spiti dinner prepared by the chef which was quite “different” to say the least! The Momos and Aloo Sabzi were the stars of the show! We also had hot chocolate milk to warm us up.

We slept early that night to catch up on lost sleep and also to be ready for the day ahead when we were planning to reach Kaza.

This easy-going day was the best thing we could have hoped for after the tumultuous day we spent in Chango. We chilled through the day, rode for just 41 kms, had a real good 2 hours afternoon siesta and enjoyed the tranquility of Tabo! Hope to be back here with my family especially during the winter months!

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So till the time we meet again…

Cheers to life…

Till then ride safe and have safe sex…

Inquilab Zindabad…

Hasta la Victoria Siempre…

Jai BoP!


  1. I wish i could be part of your Trekking Bullet team…AmaZing

  2. Teaching foreigners our own sweet language is fun – it was hilarious and that reminds me what my boss taughter his maid in South Africa as a greeting specially to all of his male friends whenever they visited his house 🙂 – Just can never forget that.

    Look at those terrific terrains man – Just awesome and I know the pain you must have gone through on your bike but its worth it, it always is. And thats exactly what scares me – have never been to landslide aread at least on two wheels yet but I will certainly face them sooner then later.

    I love those bridges too man.
    Great relaxing day.

    Keep Riding
    Keep Writing

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