My Top 5 TV Series of 2016


I started watching TV Series in 2014 and since then have become a huge fan of this format! I watched 28 TV Series last year and this year I ended up watching 61 TV Series (Yes, you read it correctly)!Some of them were old ones like Happy Valley, Broadchurch, Master of None and Bloodline. I watched a lot of British TV Series this year and loved all of them. The Brits have mastered the art of miniseries with 3-6 episodes; they are crisp and very interesting to watch.

Here is, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, is my final selection of the 10 Top TV Series of 2016:


Started “Billions” with the Pilot Episode last night and what a brilliant start it was! It is about the approaching collision between a savvy U.S. Attorney and a leading hedge-fund manager amidst the world of high finance. Damian Lewis plays Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, an ambitious hedge fund manager who came from humble beginnings; he is extremely charitable and generous in public, but uses insider trading and bribery to grow his firm’s enormous wealth.and Paul Giamatti is Charles “Chuck” Rhoades Jr., U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York who is is ruthless, and has a particular distaste for wealthy criminals.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British TV Fiction series with dark and satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. It is an absolutely brilliant concept and I was mind-blown by the ingenuity and the thought process behind it. The first season has 3 episodes and I watched them back to back. Another awesome bit is that each episode’s plot is stand-alone so one doesn’t have to connect any dots! I won’t disclose much about the plots of the episodes as that would ruin the fun. Netflix bought the rights for the 3rd Season which came out this year. GO FOR IT folks and I am sure you are gonna love it too….

This Is Us

This Is Us is an American TV comedy-drama series about a family and connections of its several people who all share the same birthday and the ways in which they’re similar and different. It is a delightful show with lots of emotions and smiles to boot. The story has been handled beautifully and keep me completely engaged through the 10 episodes…It would be coming back on 10th January after the winter back with 8 pending episodes and I am looking forward with a lot of anticipation about how the season ends! Do watch it folks…it’s a real good one!

The Night Manager

It is a British-American Crime-Thriller TV 6-episode miniseries which I absolutely loved! It is about an ex-British soldier who infiltrates a vast crime ring to get the boss to justice and stop global arms deals. Tom Hiddleston has done an absolutely brilliant job as the lead character – he is slick, suave, lethal and stylish. Hugh Laurie plays the negative character in true ruthless fashion. It has been shot in Istanbul, Egypt, Mallorca and Morocco where the cinematography is brilliant. I also loved the tight storytelling, the effective background score and the performances of the supporting cast including the smoking hot Elizabeth Debicki. It is a tantalizing game of cat and mouse, one which would be enjoyed by everybody. JUST GO FOR IT!

The Night Of

The Night Of is a 8-part crime drama TV miniseries based on Criminal Justice, a 2008–09 British television series which follows a gruesome murder case in NY where the accused is a young Pakistani man played by Riz Ahmed and the lawyer who fights his case played by the brilliant John Turturro who has done a wonderful job. The series follows a slow & steady approach (too leisurely at times for my liking) but the level of detailing is extraordinary which creates a masterful impact. The Iranian actor Peyman Moaadi plays the father and our very own Poorna Jagannathan plays the mother of the accused. Sri Lankan actress Amara Karan plays an important part of a junior lawyer. Initially Robert De Niro was slated to play the part of Turturro which would have been so awesome! Overall I loved this murder-thriller-drama series and recommend it to everybody for fans of this genre.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a science fiction-horror web/TV series about the disappearance of a young boy, and the appearance of a telekinetic girl, who helps his friends in their search, while the boy’s older brother, his mother, and the town police chief start their own investigations. The show is set in the 1980s and is a homage to 1980s pop culture, inspired by the works of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, and George Lucas, among others. It was one of those shows which was funny, intriguing, thrilling and entertaining; all at the same time! It started off slowly but quickly hooked me into its engaging story line. The acting performances of the entire cast especially all the kids was superb. If you haven’t watched it so far, then GO FOR IT immediately!

Queen of the South

Queen of the South is a crime-drama-thriller TV series about woman who escapes from a Mexican cartel and rises to become a drug “queenpin” in America. It is a gritty, engaging and violent drug cartel story about a brave woman who survives against all odds fighting an entire cartel with her quick thinking and a long term vision! The plot even though has been shown in multiple other formats but it has been dealt with a fresh view and with real good acting performances. This can definitely be binge-watched!

Vice Principals

Vice Principals is a comedy TV series starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins in the lead roles about a power struggle between two high-school administrators who are vying for the top job of principal who turn from staunch enemies to forced collaborators after a new Principal joins! Both McBride and Goggins are insanely fabulous in the series. The dark & raunchy comedy is in-the-face and involves a lot of personal slurs. It kept me thoroughly entertained and I hope the 2nd season would be equally good.


Quarry is a crime drama television series is the story of Mac Conway, a Marine who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam in 1972 and finds himself demonized by the public. As he struggles to cope with his experiences at war, he gradually slips into a life of crime. Logan Marshall-Green in the lead & title role shines all the way through and has done an absolutely wonderful job. Peter Mullan as The Broker is awesome as well especially his stone-faced dialogue delivery! I also enjoyed the performance of Damon Herriman who plays Buddy. This is quite an intense series and very well directed with brilliant Cinematography and the music adds to the magic. It’s dark, gloomy, gripping a must-watch. With just 8 episodes in Season 1, this just can’t be missed. Do give this a shot folks…

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a crime-drama TV series inspired by the 2010 Australian film of the same name and follows a 17-year-old boy, who, after the death of his mother, moves in with the Codys, a criminal family clan governed by the powerful matriarch Smurf. It was an entertaining and gripping watch filled with decent performances from almost all unknown list of actors & actresses with great production quality and a tension-filled plot. Ellen Barkin who played Smurf has done a great job indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 episodes and look forward to the next season.

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