2015…On the Road and off it…

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2015 was amongst the best Travel years of my life (2009 still remains the best one with 14 bike rides & 2 trips).  And 2015 was special for many other reasons too; for watching a whole lot of movies & TV shows, for reading some real classy books, for finishing my long-pending dream Rajasthan Bike Ride  with my best buddy George, for spending time with my family back in India and for watching Abhay grow and monkeying around!

Vistara Airlines ||| My 1st Travelogue in the Print Media


So happy that a travelogue I wrote has got published in the Print Media for the first time! This is for Vistara​ Airlines‘ In-Flight Magazine. Big Thanks to my GIM friend Simran Oberoi who runs a successful baking set-up named ​Ovenderful for providing the lead, her sister Guneet Oberoi who works at the MaXposure Media Group for editing & publishing it plus my wife Bandita​ for providing the inputs!

2014…on the Road and off it…

2014 Blog5

2013 was a great year for us but 2014 was even better! There were so many beautiful experiences right from the start of this year & the momentum was always at high speed throughout 2014! It was definitely one of the most special years of our lives; big thanks to Abhay! He was born in January 2014 and gave us so many beautiful moments to cherish; ones which would be part of our heart, mind & soul through our lives!

2013…On the Road and Off it…

MohMunna Wish
2009 by far has been the best year of my life so far (http://cheguevaraontheroad.blogspot.com/2010/03/2009on-road-and-off-it.html) and 2013 for sure comes a close second! It started with a high & quite literally too…we did a SkyDive together in Dubai in February and ended the year with another high…of waiting for our baby to arrive! Even though these 2 highs can’t be compared in the literal sense but surely the levels of excitement were almost equal! And through the entire year we had so many memorable experiences that the excitement and enjoyment levels never went down! Thanks to God, Bandita and my job here in Kuwait we managed to finish another fantastic year and hope 2014 takes the same route if not a better one! It has already started brilliantly with arrival of our son – Abhay into this world! Talk about auspicious & memorable starts!

Abhay Jha is 1-month New!

As far as I remember, I have always been fond of babies and have been equally loved by them too (as far as my understanding goes!)! I am sure you know of those guys who tend to play/interact with any young baby; yeah I am one of those categories! I enjoy every opportunity I get when I get to spend time with babies and have been doing that for so many years