Nobody Can Love You More: Life in Delhi’s Red Light District by Mayank Soofi ||| Book Review


This book is Mayank Austen Soofi’s account in honest words & stark photographs about the lives of the women of Kotha No 300 – one of  the brothels of G. B. Road – Delhi’s infamous red-light district. It explores the lives of these women and provides a “seemingly” honest account of their trials & tribulations.

The Music Room: A Memoir by Namita Devidayal ||| Book Review

Namita Devidayal

Even though I am not a follower of Indian Classical Music & have very limited knowledge about this genre but when I read the description about this book on Goodreads I instantly added this to my wishlist. This book is a Memoir about a Guru-Shishya relationship written by Namita Devidayal about her Musical Journey spent with her teacher Dhondutai, the last living disciple of two of the finest Indian classical singers of the twentieth century: the legendary Alladiya Khan and the great songbird Kesarbai Kerkar.

Breaking the Shackles


So many people get into the vicious circle of the monotony of life that it becomes impossible for them to break the shackles of the drudgery and they keep moving like a bloody wheel…taking along with them professional pressures & the pains of the Family Life…kids & wives combined!!!…but some amongst us are brave, rebellious & adventurous enough to get their act together and then do the things which they always wanted to do since their days of growing up…