Greek Chicken


We went to Greece last year and had an amazing time there. We sampled a lot of traditional Greek dishes and bought a lot of spices, curry pastes & olive varieties from a small Greek village. Since then, I have been making recipes using those ingredients and thoroughly enjoying them. Last night made this recipe without using any set pattern but whatever which came to my mind! The end result was fantastic; we felt like we were having dinner in a Greek Tavern! It was subtle, flavourful and mighty delicious. Hope you can get hold of a good quality Greek Curry Paste and make this easy recipe. Enjoy!

Mint-Mango-Cream Grilled Chicken


I was looking to make a completely different flavour grilled chicken and started to look for some recipes. Got hold of this wonderful recipe of Ms. Ruchi Airen and decided to give it a shot. The combo was almost impossible to resist for me. The rustic flavours of Mint & Raw Mango combine wonderfully well with the luscious fresh cream in this super recipe to which I made some minor changes. The result is lip-smacking delicious and very different to anything I have tasted before. Do give this a shot folks.

Cinnamon flavoured Turkish Style Baked Chicken


I got back home in the weekend and wanted to cook something spicy & flavourful. Decided to go for a baked chicken dish and added ingredients which came to my mind. Thought of adding cinnamon powder for the first time in a chicken dish and the end result was incredibly delicious. The chicken was spicy, flavourful and perfectly baked. Our son also had quite a number of bites which made me grin from ear to ear! Do give this recipe a shot folks…

Grilled Chicken Thighs with Bhut Jholokia


Having experienced Bhut Jholakia, I am now trying to incorporate them in multiple dishes and what better than to enjoy it in a grilled version too! That is how this I got this recipe in my mind. The end result was simply delicious. Crunchy skin with the goodness of Sesame Oil and a thoroughly spicy delight! Do give it a shot folks…