Mutton Curry with Coconut

Mutton is by far my favourite meat and now that the weather has cooled down considerably, I am back to the kitchen and trying new recipes. I came up with this original recipe yesterday and cooked it for dinner. I love the flavour and aroma of freshly grated coconut which adds a different sort of crunch to the curries. I was very happy with the end result; the curry was flavourful, spicy and very delicious. The well-cooked mutton pieces added perfectly with all the spices. Do give it a shot.

Hyderabadi Mutton Korma


This time I wanted to cook a different type of Korma and started my search for a recipe; came across this good looking & easy recipe and decided to give it a shot. The end result was fabulous! The Korma was absolutely delightful, adequately spiced and beaming with flavours. The powder mix & Birista made all the difference and yes, my favourite cooking activity – Bhunno! Do give this a shot folks and I am sure you would love this too.

Nepalese Mutton Curry


In my tryst of trying recipes from the subcontinent, this was my 3rd attempt, after giving Sri Lankan and Burmese recipes a shot. And this one was a real good one; spicy, delicious, rich in flavours and quite easy to prepare. Nepalese cuisine is influenced by it’s neighbors: India, Tibet, and China. This curry’s fusion of Indian spices with the Chinese touch of spring onions results in uniquely Nepalese dish. Do give this a shot folks. I am sure you would love it too. And never ignore “Bhunno”!

Sri Lankan Mutton Curry


This was the third new recipe of the long weekend; went for a Sri Lankan one, apart from the Nepali & Rangoon ones I tried. And this was a winner as well. Perfectly spiced with a superb blend of all the wonderful spices and delectable mellow with the addition of Coconut Cream. After all the Bhunno, the end result was a mighty delicious one. I would definitely be trying this again. Our son also loved it and enjoyed the gravy with rice. Do give this delicious recipe a try!

Rangoon Mutton Curry


Last weekend was a long one (5 days) and I wanted to explore some new mutton recipes. So bought a 3 kgs “Raan” piece and got it divided into 4 portions. This was the first recipe I tried and it came out fabulously. It involved a lot of my favourite cooking activity – “Bhunno” and the end result was a perfect mix of flavours – the sugar made it mellow and the spice mix added a unique flavour. This was the first time our son enjoyed not just the curry but also mutton pieces as they were boneless! I picked up this recipe from the internet and didn’t make any changes to it. Do give it a shot folks.