My Top 5 TV Series of 2016


I started watching TV Series in 2014 and since then have become a huge fan of this format! I watched 28 TV Series last year and this year I ended up watching 61 TV Series (Yes, you read it correctly)!Some of them were old ones like Happy Valley, Broadchurch, Master of None and Bloodline. I watched a lot of British TV Series this year and loved all of them. The Brits have mastered the art of miniseries with 3-6 episodes; they are crisp and very interesting to watch.

Chadwick Boseman |1 Actor – 2 Biopics


I was lucky enough to watch 2 biopics in the weekend – 42 and Get On Up; both starring Chadwick Boseman in the lead roles playing 2 legendary characters – Baseball legend Jackie Robinson and the Funk, soul, R&B legend James Brown. Both movies are brilliant in their own right and gave me a lot of insights into the lives of these 2 special gentlemen.

My 2016 Oscar Selections


That time of the year when I post my Annual Oscar Selections BlogPost is here! I was lucky to have watched almost most of the major nominees quite early this year thanks to all those torrents coming out much earlier than we all expected! Plus I watched a lot of nominated movies on the big screen here in Kuwait to even things up and not just depend on Screener prints!