Global Cinema Weekend Moviethon – February 2016


Moviethons have become a way of life since I moved to Kuwait because Films became a big passion for me 6-7 years back plus having loads of free time here! I have had many such Weekend Moviethons ranging from as few as 7 movies to as high as 16 movies in the past! My wife as always has been a perfect partner-in-rhyme during these sessions!

My Top 5 Indian Regional Films of 2015


I didn’t watch much Indian regional Cinema except some movies here & there but this changed three years back and since then I have watched almost 60-odd movies across many languages – Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Marathi! It’s a pity I don’t get to watch more, as the English subtitles or even the online prints don’t come out for many movies but I still try my best catching up on every good movie out there available with English subs!

My Top 5 Hindi Films of 2015


Well that time of the year has come once again when I start my Oscar Mania and start watching all movies nominated for Oscar Awards and then posting my predictions but this time I thought of making some new posts too; of my Best 5 Films across 3 genres – Hindi, Indian Regional and Hollywood. I would begin with the list of “My 5 Best Hindi Films of 2015“.