The Varanasi Trip ||| March 2015


Varanasi was on my mother and wife’s must-visit list for 20 & 5 years respectively and I am glad that I could take them both to this holy city and fulfill their wishes. I and Abhay were the bonus travellers but nonetheless we all had loads of family style fun filled with lots of good food, never ending conversations, long walks, history lessons and River Ganges Views!

Fiesta Trip to Agra ||| Nov-2012

Pics3Our Agra Trip together was long overdue; tried twice in 2011 but it couldn’t get through…2012 it had to be! Bandita hadn’t been to Agra & Taj Mahal ever and I was there last in 1998 – faint memories of that trip so off we went to Agra for a 1-day trip on Wednesday 7-November-2012; chose a weekday to avoid the mad weekend rush to the Taj.

3 Days…Memories of a Lifetime…


Life always has pit-loads of surprises in store for me and I love meeting them head-on & give them my best shot…and as I write this, last week at this very time I was drinking away to glory in Gurgaon with my best buddies just having fun knowing that it was all possible due to some divine intervention!!!

Yes, I travelled to India for a very short trip of 3 days and had fun worth 300 days…

The Abu AlphaMales


I had taken a break from Biking for July-2009 after riding for close to 12,000 kms from January to June in 7 Rides…West Coast, Rakhigarhi, Kurukshetra, Mcleodganj, Chakrata, Lansdowne & Jalori Pass…but owing to my undying & passionate travel streak which runs in my veins, I had to travel out of Delhi in July, there was no second thoughts about that…all the possibilities collided and the plan was made, our buddy Nilu aka Sinha Sahab had recently bought a swanky Ford Fiesta and we wanted go for a drive to celebrate his new buy…